Monday, November 26, 2012

Not So Eco-Conscious in Alaska

Alaska is breathtakingly beautiful and by and large the people who live there care for their environment and live in harmony with it. So when I came across this story of a woman in Alaska who fell sixty feet from a cliff to a ledge below, I was horrified. However, upon sifting through the details, I became a little less horrified and much more judgmental.

For starters, the woman was walking and texting. While I would agree that is not as bad as driving and texting, it's still dangerous. And in a case such as this, it required quite an effort on the part of rescue workers putting their lives in danger to save hers, not to mention the tax payer's expense related to the operation.

What most irked me, however, was the reason she was so close to the edge of the cliff... while walking and texting. You see, she was also smoking, and rather than discarding her cigarette butt in an appropriate way, she decided to flick it off the edge of the cliff. No doubt the wildlife living in an around the area appreciate the pollution... not.

Karma lady, the world is not your ashtray, and Mother Nature was not amused!

P.S. I wish this woman no harm; she just took a big whack at my sympathy is all, similar to someone playing with fire and getting burned... you feel bad for them on the one hand, but you want to smack them with the other.


  1. Foolish, yes, but I'm not sure that she deserved a near death experience:)

  2. Agreed, I don't wish harm on any one; this lady just took a big whack at my sympathy.