Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life Is Not Fare ; )

I say 'good for you' to the Church of God in Christ Holy Convocation Convention running in St. Louis this week. The convention, which will bring approximately 35,000 people downtown to the America's Center, is using its own system of volunteers to drive shuttlebuses, vans, mini-vans and private cars to shuttle convention-goers.

I say 'good for you' for being resourceful, and I would also argue environmentally friendly. The St. Louis region does not have a very well developed public transportation system, making us car-dependent; such a shame. So if this church community can rally its own volunteers from within to provide its own mass transportation thus cutting down on traffic and oil-consumption, why not? Well, the taxi-cab drivers aren't happy about it. They seem to think they should be ENTITLED to the fares for those needing transportation.

They aren't ENTITLED to anything, so go put that in your tailpipe and smoke it!!!

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