Thursday, December 15, 2011

Parking on a Dime


Nope, this is not a review about some fancy car with fancy whistles and bells that pulls into a parallel parking space for you and parks on a dime in one seamless manuever!

So this guy walks into a police station in Nebraska and leaves an old parking ticket issued back in 1954 along with a dime to pay the 10 cent fine! He didn't leave his name, but did say he found it among his mother's things. I'm guessing he was worried about the interest and late fees that might be piled on top of the original fine. If the IRS had anything to do with it, the guy would end being sued for millions, LOL!

What I find most striking about the ticket is the wording. Perhaps if we were return to this type of general civility toward one another there might not be so much rage in the world. In fact, isn't there an entire cable show dedicated to the outrageous behavior of people who receive parking tickets? "Parking Wars" or something? Of course, to be fair, television show producers of today certainly do add fuel to the fire in order to create a sensationalistic reaction... good ratings are more important than civility, right?

I think it would definetely take the sting out of paying your parking ticket, however, if you were asked so nicely to help out!

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